Co-Teaching is offered in almost all core subjects, where two class teachers (general education and special education) actively engage in the teaching process and assume joint responsibility for planning and instruction. These classes have both general education and special education students with no more than 25 students per class.

    In addition to Co-Teaching classes, Passaic Valley Special Education offers classes for students with disabilities where the curriculum can be modified and expanded into a more individualized and customized pacing. These classes will not exceed 16 and many of them will still have the Co-Teaching design of both a general education subject matter specialist and a special education teacher. The above will be made up of “solely students with disabilities” as described in Chapter 14 of the Special Education Administrative Code Title 6A:14-4.7 (g) and “instructed by a general education teacher where an adapted curriculum is used…The instructional size may be increased with the addition of a classroom aide up to 16 students.” Instead of the code required aide, many of these classes have been upgraded to include certified special education teachers.

    PV/Bergen ABA Program is designed to meet academic, social, behavioral, and vocational needs of students who need more support and time to increase their functional academic skills. The program offers individualized formats based on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Services include occupational, physical and speech therapies, family training, home program coordination, augmentative communication assessments, behaviorist access daily, and PV Electives including Environmental Science, STEM, Art, Photo, Media, and Music. Facilities also have a kitchen and a dual in-class bathroom.


    Passaic Valley Regional High School Co-Teaching Model

    • Students are afforded ‘equal access’ to the general education curriculum and are educated with their non-disabled peers
    • Students have the opportunity to work with one or both general education teacher and special education teacher
    • Research states that more time in general education increases standardized test scores in math and reading, fewer absences, fewer disruptive referrals and better outcomes in employment and independent living.
    • Curriculum standards are modified where needed and supplementary assistance is provided.

    Additional Class Formats

    • Students can be placed in a single content classroom of up to 12 classified students (16 with an aide) taught by a general education content specialist where the content is adjusted and modified to the class needs, as stated by Special Education code 4:7 (g)
    • Students can be placed in any general education classes as appropriate

    PV/Bergen ABA Program

    • Based on the principles of applied behavior analysis
    • Life Skills
    • Community Based Instruction (CBI) is returning to PV as Covid restrictions reduce
    • Job coaches will be onsite to assist with CBI
    • Peer Participation Program (General Education students volunteer to work with students, socialize with them in Teen Center, Art Class, Physical Education Class, Culinary Class) will return as Covid restrictions reduce

    *Expanded Life Skills in all of the curriculum