Student Senate Association

  • The Student Senate Association has been organized for the purpose of providing an opportunity for students, while yet in school, to create a democratic community and to exercise their responsibilities as citizens of the communtiy.

    Representatives of designated classes are the vehicle through which student opinions may be formulated and become active.  It is not only the privilege but the duty of each student to make his/her suggestions known to this representative and to see that his/her representative takes the proper action in regard to those suggestions.

    The Student Senate strives to be an agency for creating a positive school environment and for bringing into existence equitable school policies.  Concrete plans plus the willingness of representatives to take the lead in carrying out constructive policies are essential to make a Student Senate effective and something more than an opportunity for the airing of opinions.

    The class representatives to the Student Senate Association will meet with the advisor to discuss problems and to make plans for the betterment of the school.  At alternate times, the Executive Board of the Student Senate Association and the advisor will meet to prepare the agenda for council meetings and to prepare the background for effective student discussion of council matters.