• Academic Team - Advisor: K. Menake - A club for students who seek an intellectual challenge and the benefits of team membership. Students can participate in intramural, state, and national competitions throughout the school year.

    Art Club - Advisor: C. Czepiel - Students will develop a variety of knowledge in the Arts including learning about particular art styles, different artists, a particular artwork, different mediums and techniques. Students will contribute their artistic ability to help develop artwork throughout the school district.

    Audio Visual Club (PVTV) - Advisor: B. Clonan - This club is responsible for audio & video recordings of PV events such as plays, assemblies, BOE meetings & Girls Show.

    Criminal Justice Club - Advisors: W. Robertazzi and N. Colon - This club will offer guidance to students interested in pursuing a law enforcement career by encouraging and supplying pragmatic information from career professionals.

    Culinary Club - Advisor: Z. Geleta - The Culinary Club enjoys many activities surrounding food, cooking and baking.  Students learn about cooking techniques, restaurant trends, foodie news and more.  Fundraisers include exciting food products.

    Drama Club - Advisor: J. Shue - The Drama Club is involved with each PV play (fall, holiday, variety show and senior play-it’s not just for seniors). Besides PV productions, this group often goes to see Broadway and Off-Broadway plays and also participates in Drama Competitions.

    Environmental Club - Advisors: J. Feinstein and R. Sanders - Increase student awareness of environmental issues and give them the ability and the opportunity to make a difference in their school and community.

    Future Business Leaders Of America - Advisors: E. Thornton and L. Kurtishi - FBLA is a national organization for high school students interested in careers in business. Students attend Leadership Conferences, Regional Competitive Events, and the Consumer Bowl. In these events, students compete against other students from North Jersey in academic areas pertaining to business. The School Store is also an important feature of the club. Students are able to demonstrate their business skills including:  selling, visual merchandising, inventory and accounting. 

    Future Educators of America - Advisor: S. Iobst - This club will explore the careers of all educators.

    Future Engineers of America - Advisor: W. Phillian - Students in this club explore potential careers in engineering through meeting experts in the field. Students may also participate in design competitions.

    Future Medical Professionals - Advisor: S. Iobst - Students will explore the world of medicine through the eyes of a doctor.

    Future Lawyers of America/Debate Club/Junior State of America - Advisor: D. Vigilante - This club is for students who are passionate about social, political and cultural issues, politics and government, foreign affairs, and current events.  Students explore the world around them and formulate and share their opinions through debates and discussions.

    GSA (Gender & Sexualities Alliance) Club - Advisor: M. Vasa - This club brings together gender and sexuality allies to promote awareness and acceptance in our communities. They provide a safe place to talk about relevant issues, find support, get resources and work to educate the community and promote acceptance of people of all sexual orientations. We hope to create a school environment free of homophobia and harassment.

    Honor Society (National)- Advisor: J. Shue

    Honor Society (National Art) - Advisor: C. Ingraham

    Honor Society (National Math) - Advisors: S. Sileo and E. Thornton

    Honor Society (National Music) - Advisors: M. Deluccia and P. Surace

  • Honor Society (Passaic Valley) - Advisor: S. Iobst

    Honor Society (World Language) - Advisor: L. Zulic

    Interact Club - Advisor: D. Leidig - This junior division of the Rotary Club is dedicated to helping people in the community such as the sick, homeless, elderly, abused, etc.

    Literary Club - Advisors: N. Vaness and M. Miele - This crowd can be found sipping cappuccino’s at Barnes & Noble while discussing works of literature. If you enjoy writing or reading poems, short stories and books, this club is for you!

    Math League - Advisor: TBA - The Math League is a club where students at all levels of Mathematics compete with students from other districts once a month, starting in October and ending in March.

    Multicultural Club - Advisor: N. Colon - This group will help to create stronger awareness & acceptance of all cultures and ethnicities.

    Peer Mentor Program - Advisors: K. Morris and D. Vigilante - The Peer Mentor program introduces freshmen to junior and senior students who will guide them through their transition to high school. All freshman will participate in a peer transition program utilizing upper classmen to help them make a successful adjustment to high school. Mentors will facilitate monthly meetings during lunch periods covering topics such as developing study skills, test-taking strategies, stress management and creating a positive high school experience.

    Physics Club - Advisor: K. Haimowitz - This club is where students come together and share their love for the science of physics. They learn new concepts and practice more difficult problems not seen in ordinary physics class, along with an open forum for discussions.

    School Store - Advisors: E. Thornton and L. Kurtishi - The school store sells PVHS merchandise before & after school, as well as back to school nights and PVHS Open House.

    Science League - Advisor: E. Iobst - The Science League is a club where students in Biology, Chemistry & Physics compete with students from other districts four times a year.

    Student Senate - Advisor: C. Grande - The student government consists of officers, two of whom participate on the Board of Education, and five representatives from each grade level. Together they decide on changes to better the school and ways of maintaining school spirit. The Student Senate wants all students to be heard. They have a mailbox in the main office for any suggestions.

    Technology / Computer Club - Advisor: D. Leidig - Have an interest in computers? This club helps repair and program computers.  They also work with gaming interests as well.

    T.V. Productions/Audio Visual - Advisor: B. Clonan - This group is responsible for the ever popular P.V.T.V.  This group creates original shows, telecasts school activities, and provides an on-air voice for the Passaic Valley area.

    Varsity Club - Advisors: S. Benvenuti and N. Andriani - This group consists of students who hold Varsity positions on PV sports teams. They are involved with refreshments at home football games, sports scholarships and donations, etc.

    World Language (Italian) - Advisor: R. Napolitano - This group loves to chat about Italian culture and customs, but most of all they love to eat Italian specialties. Bon Appetito!

    World Language (French) - Advisor: L. Lions - For Monsieur and Mademoiselles who have an interest in French customs and language.

    World Language (Spanish) - Advisors: F. Arici and D. Ropero - This group loves everything Spanish-the customs, food, language, everything. OLE!

    Yearbook - Advisors: C. Joseph and S. Benvenuti - Assisting with photography, creating advertisements, senior class yearbook distribution celebration, and more!