Student Assistance Coordinator

  • The Student Assistance Program is a school-based program available to all students who may be having difficulty with personal or school-related issues.  The Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) offers students a safe place to talk about any problems they may be having. Discussions are confidential and do not become part of school records.

    The Student Assistance Counselor can provide education, prevention, early identification, intervention, referral and support using resources both within the school environment and the community.  The Student Assistance Counselor aims to help students develop healthy coping skills, make positive lifestyle choices, and avoid substance abuse problems.

    What kinds of problems?

    • Alcohol or other drug problems
    • Changes or crises in your family - divorce, separation, death, illness
    • Suicidal thoughts or self injury
    • Poor self-image or self-esteem
    • Troubles with friends or parents
    • Feeling sad or lonely
    • Pregnancy
    • Eating disorders
    • Depression or anxiety
    How does it work?
    • You may refer yourself by coming to see Ms. Morris in Room 140.
    • You may refer a friend if you are concerned about him/her. This is kept confidential.
    • Your guidance counselor, teacher, principal or assistant principal may refer you to meet with Ms. Morris. 
    • All referrals are confidential.