Visual & Performing Arts

  • The Visual and Performing Arts Program at Passaic Valley High School offers students a wide array of classes taught by experienced and knowledgeable faculty.   Students can take electives throughout their 4 years in Art, Music, and Theatre. Our program offers a nurturing and supportive environment and encourages all enrolled to be well-rounded performers and students.

    Study in the arts is integral to our society. They are a part of the cultural heritage of every American. The arts are what make us most human, most complete as people. The arts cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure any more than math or science can. Education and engagement in the fine arts are an essential part of the school curriculum and an important component in the educational program of every student.


    Why Visual and Performing Arts?
    And so much more.
    The Arts are an integral part of life; they enrich our lives, enhance school & community spirit, and are a necessary component of a complete education.
    They help us to understand and be positive contributors to the world we live in. 

    Why Visual and Performing Arts at Passaic Valley?
    The Visual and Performing Arts program synthesizes principles of
    English Language Arts, History, Math, Science, and World Language while applying 21st Century skills (i.e., teamwork and collaboration) to create a valuable and memorable creative experience for learners. Participation in the Visual Arts programs also encourages students to experience physical and creative releases which assist in their overall well-being.

    The Visual and Performing Arts is about communication, creativity, and cooperation. By studying Art as part of their curricular program, students can build their skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from new perspectives. The study of art encourages self-discipline, patience, and diligence - traits that carry over to other intellectual pursuits and lead to effective study/communication/cognitive skills and work habits. Scientific studies of the brain have mapped far more extensive neural connections in artists than non-artists. From a wellness perspective, participating in art can evoke emotion, and creating art is a powerful personal experience of expressing emotion. 

    Visual and Performing Art Departments Overview
    Aligned with the National Core Arts Standards, Passaic Valley High School’s visual arts, music, and theatre give passionate students comprehensive, sequential training and many performance/exhibition opportunities to develop their artistic potential.

    This rigorous training provided by a distinguished faculty of professional and practicing artist/educators prepares them to earn admission to a college or university.  Along the way many win local, state and national merit awards and scholarships for artistic excellence.

    The nurturing environment created by the inspiring faculty, supportive administration and the diverse and passionate student body of young artists gives Passaic Valley students encouragement to grow artistically to levels beyond what even they could imagine.