John F. Kennedy H.S. Basketball Wrestling Volleyball– McBride Ave to left over Hillary Street bridge to right onto Totowa Road / Ave to highschool corner of Totowa Ave and Preakness Ave. and continue to school.

Buckley Park. Soccer Baseball - From Rt. 80 West. Exit at Squirrelwood Rd., Paterson, Continue to Glover Ave. turn left, go over bridge and turn right on Totowa Ave. continue to Preakness Ave. turn left at Chamberlain Ave. (3rd light) field on left.

Pennington Park Soccer Softball- From Rt. 80 West, Exit 56B turn right onto Squirrelwood Rd. go straight, street turns into Nagle Street, continue down to the end to Park entrance.

Bauerle Sports Complex Track Football - From Rt. 80 take exit 58B (Madison Ave./Paterson Exit) continue past two traffic lights and at the next block turn left onto Cedar St. Go to the end and the field is in front of the elementary school. Parking is available at Eastside High School (1) one block from field.