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Construction Crew Breaks Ground On New Track and Turf Field Project

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Daren Lomuti '24
1 March 2022

Construction on the new Track and Turf Field Project started in December. Superintendent Mr. Bracken Healy took to his Instagram page, sharing pictures of construction along with the new track and turf field plan to announce the project which is anticipated to wrap up in May.(From left to right) Mr. Benvenuti, Mr. Monahan, Mr. Healy, Mr. Gaita, and Ms. Voorhis

The previous track was damaged after a storm earlier in September. With federal funding, PV is able to replace the track with a new one. Once the project is completed, the track will be available for the use of all students and community members. 

According to the reference photo Mr. Healy shared, the black track will contain the colors green and white to represent PV. “We are excited to have this state-of-the-art facility here in our own backyard," said Mr. Healy. "This will be a beautiful space that our entire community can enjoy."

For the first time, PV will also have a turf field for athletics and physical education classes. In the past, the field would be unusable for days after rain. “The field is rendered useless and unavailable for weeks on end because of the mud that results from it,” Mr. Healy said. However, with a turf field, sports activities can be continued even after inclement weather. New Track Mockup

As Director of Athletics, Mr. Joseph Benvenuti assisted with the new Track and Field project. Mr. Benvenuti helped with the color scheme, the logo, and the proper markings for all of the sports that will utilize the new field.

With all the new construction and academic changes, Mr. Benvenuti hopes for a new reputation for PV. “I think the overall perception of PV will rise, and become more positive,” Mr. Benvenuti said. “It plays into the future in terms of showing our Hornets that Passaic Valley is serious about our facilities and sports programs.” 

Not only will there be a new turf field, Mr. Healy shared on Instagram that lights will be installed surrounding the field. “I think Friday night games will bring younger generations and parents who are interested in seeing them play under the lights,” Mr. Benvenuti said.

Mr. Healy and the Board of EducationThe construction crew started by removing trees that were in the way. According to Mr. Healy, if all goes to plan, construction will be finished during May. “This is a huge project for us, not only for our athletes but for all the students and members of this proud community,” Mr. Healy commented. 

Since the new school year, PV has experienced many changes and renovations. From brighter hallways, to new gym flooring, Mr. Healy has tried to give a fresh look to the school. “We want to make this a proud place to be, where students want to learn and teachers want to work,” Mr. Healy commented.