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Sophomore Abby Kosch Joins the Valley Echo for the 2021-2022 School Year

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Ava Mania '24
8 October 2021

Abby Kosch ‘24 joined the Valley Echo this 2021-2022 school year. After a freshman year impacted by virtual learning, she is eager to involve herself with the Passaic Valley High School community.Abby Kosch on the PV Softball Team; property of Abby Kosch

Kosch has a deep passion for writing and is interested in pursuing a career in the journalism field. She is confident that her participation in the Valley Echo will successfully prepare her for one. “It will give me more experience, journalistically,” Kosch said. “I can get better at interviewing and writing in general.”

Kosch made her journalism debut for her middle school paper, The Hornet Highlights, at School 1 in Little Falls. This experience promoted her love for writing. Kosh has continued to utilize writing as an emotional outlet. “Writing makes me feel like I’m doing something productive and it makes me feel good about myself,” Kosch said. She joins the Valley Echo with a sense of familiarity from already spending years contributing to a school newspaper.

Since her time with The Hornet Highlights, Kosch has strengthened her writing skills in Mrs. Dellanno’s English I Honors class, and is currently enrolled in the sophomore honors course. “By challenging myself with these classes, I’m growing a lot more,” Kosch said. She is thrilled to see how her skills will further improve this year as she becomes familiar with the unique style of journalist pieces.

Kosch is excited to finally put her passion for writing and diligence to work. As a huge hockey and baseball fan, she is looking forward to covering stories on Passaic Valley’s sports teams. As a high academic achiever, she is thrilled to report on other scholars and interesting classroom activities. Kosch is confident that her optimistic personality and strong work ethic will be beneficial to the Valley Echo. “School and grades are really important to me, and I always make sure I’m on top of deadlines,” Kosch said. 

Kosch plans on devoting her time with the paper to working hard to keep the members of the PV community informed and being an integral part of its press.