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After Being Virtual for Two Years, The PV Art Show Is Back for In-Person Viewing on May 24th

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Daren Lomuti '24
19 May 2022

PV Art Show GalleryPV Art Show Photo Gallery

After a two-year hiatus from gallery viewing due to COVID-19, the PV Art Show has returned to its traditional format for 2022. In the past weeks, students and art teachers have worked hard preparing their showcase. The Art Show will be available for public viewing on May 24th from 7-9pm in the Farrell Gym.

Painting and Photography exhibit; photo credit: Daren Lomuti

The Art Show has been one of PV’s most anticipated annual events for numerous years. However, in 2020, The Art Show, along with many other social gatherings, were forced to adjust due to the pandemic. The show was shifted to a video presentation that displayed the students' artwork virtually through PV's website and social media accounts. With Covid restrictions still underway, the virtual show was continued in 2021. Now, the Art Show is back in-person for the first time since 2019. “We have such amazing artwork to be displayed and I can’t wait to see everybody’s reaction to the students' work,” Art Teacher Ms. Jennifer Chelel said.

Arwen Henao; photo credit: Daren LomutiOne of the most prominent parts of the Art Show is the poster contest. Each year, Ms. Carolyn Ingraham's portfolio honors students create designs to enter in a competition to determine which design will be featured on posters and T-shirts promoting the show. The art teachers then vote on the poster that they think best portrays the Art Show that year. “There are a lot of elements of good design and layout that go into the posters,” Ms. Ingraham said.

Senior Arwen Henao ‘23 won the competition with her Chinese Lunar New Year inspired piece. From brainstorming to sketching, the poster took Henao a week to complete. It was revealed to Henao that her piece won while in her Portfolio class. Henao was pleasantly surprised to be chosen amongst so many other great designs. “I was surprised I won since I had the chance to see the other poster submissions and thought they all looked amazing,” Henao commented.

Drawing exhibition; photo credit: Daren LomutiHenao was inspired by this year, 2022, being the year of the Tiger. She implemented traditional aspects of the Chinese Lunar New Year, while still trying to keep a sleek look. The poster is now hung around the school representing PV’s 2022 Art Show. “I am very thankful for being chosen!” Henao said. “Seeing my design on posters and shirts feels amazing.”

The PV Art Show gives students an opportunity to showcase their projects that they put so much effort into all year long. With the show returning to in-person viewing, students again have the outlet to express their creativity to their classmates and loved ones. During the showcase, students are able to answer questions about their work, their inspiration, and the materials they used to bring their ideas to life. “It’s nice to bring all of these different mediums together, to create one Art Show,” Graphic Design Teacher, Ms. Lori Demsey commented.

The Art Show will be open to the public on May 24 from 7-9pm. The artwork can also be viewed during the school day on May 24th and 25th in the Ferrell Gym. “All that work is worth it when you see all the beautiful pieces together and hear the chatter of other students as they discuss the art,” Ms. Chelel said.