• Welcome to Passaic Valley Regional High School’s Program of Studies. The central focus of Passaic Valley is to provide students with the best education possible in a way that is relevant, engaging, student-centered and innovative in its approach to promoting an appreciation for life-long learning. Passaic Valley’s vision of having all students prepared to meet the challenges of post- secondary life with grace and confidence, requires not only respect for the individuality of students and staff, but also a sustained effort to work towards achievement of universal goals.

    Carrying out its mission, the school’s dedicated staff provides each student with the tools necessary to lead productive lives in today’s ever-changing society. It is the school’s responsibility to nurture and guide students to be the best they can be. With approximately 1200 students, the enrollment size of Passaic Valley High School allows for students to receive the proper attention they deserve in a safe learning environment that draws upon the active involvement of the entire school community for the success of its students.

    A model of educational programming, Passaic Valley offers a personalized approach to post-secondary college & career readiness, encouraging all students to enroll in a wide range of challenging courses in preparation for their next steps in life. With many exciting elective courses catering to varied student interests, numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, Advanced Placement courses, Dual Enrollment opportunities, and new Career Certification Pathways- Passaic Valley is exemplary in its attention to the development of the whole child.

    As with most opportunities, there is a dimension of responsibility. Students are responsible for knowing the information provided in this Program of Studies and communicating frequently with their school counselor, teachers and parents. For most students, high school represents the beginning of taking ownership over educational options and the development of independent thinking. In addition to graduation requirements, there are many options to select courses that match areas of interest.  If students are active and informed consumers of this educational process, they will receive the full benefits and a marketable product of this system:  An Excellent Education.

    Pride and Tradition define Passaic Valley. The teachers, the administrators, students and parents work tirelessly to promote the school, what it has to offer, and its accomplishments. Passaic Valley looks forward to hearing from interested parents, students, and community members and encourages all to contact the school by phone or email with any questions or concerns.